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Media personalities, artistes public figures make New Year's resolutions



While reflecting on the year that has ended, popular figures have been making resolutions and hope to stick to them for 2013.

Having had a rocky year, athlete Asafa Powell says he wants to achieve a lot more.

"I want to be the best that I can be in all areas of my life, give everything I set out to do 100 per cent, including not being so shy and showing more of my personality and fun side," he told THE STAR.

Media personality Miss Kitty has been making her mark in the industry and plans to advance her career for this year.

expansion and growth

"More progress and more advancement in terms of career placements. I'm also looking overseas for expansion and growth," she said.

"I want to be happier, because sometimes we get so caught up in work that we don't remember to enjoy the simple things in life. I also want to be more Godly and spiritual. I'm also working on a new show for 2013."

Meanwhile, Busy Signal, who spent six months in an overseas prison last year, says he wants "to value the time spent with family more."

Tommy Lee Sparta is also thinking about his family, as he wants to "focus on productivity, spend more time in the studio in an attempt to build on international success so I can provide for my mom and five kids."

However, producer Rvssian is more focused on his career and marketing his record label to a wider audience "from social media to television and the street and to push the Jamaican music world-wide and keep thinking positive."

With no specific resolution in mind, singer D-Major says his aim is to "ensure I'm one of the soldiers who don't compromise making quality music."


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